About Magic Dragon Charters

A Corporate sailing day can take on various forms, and means different things to different people.

We define a corporate days sailing as "the introduction of sailing to non-sailing people". No different to attending a day's clay shooting or golf, but equally as enjoyable. Entertainment has to be the ultimate aim. Gaining, through having experienced the thrill of taking part, is all-important. Networking has become an important facet in our working lives, and the opportunity of meeting people and exchanging views, opinions and generally chatting in a convivial atmosphere is a luxury. You can have all of that and more, out on a day's sailing, with a captive audience on the luxury yacht, Magic Dragon.

We believe that most people want to enter into the spirit of sailing and so our qualified skipper, ensures that everyone has the opportunity to do everything they want to do. Equally, if someone feels more comfortable just sitting around chatting and relaxing all day, that's not a problem either. It is our pleasure to entertain you for the day.